Who Are We?

We both had learn to dance in the dance School by Gerard Need and Addy went one time with her cousin Wim to a free dance on a Sunday evening. Jerry was also there and he said the unforgettable words to Addy : "I like you, how do you like my shoes?? " Of Course Addy fell head over heals for that line. After a short period of dating and living together for two years we got married in 1986.

In February of the same year we came in contact with the Belgian Shepherd in a rather funny way. We were thinking about a dog for a while and Addy had seen a photo in the book "De Tervuerense Herder" by Ruud Haak. It was an Tervueren Male at sunset and she fell immediately in love. Later on we were visiting an girl friend in Uden. They had a young puppy Labrador. So we talked about dogs and told her about the photo that we had seen . En this friend said: "I believe they have the same dogs across the street". Jerry and her boyfriend went to those people just to ask a few things. After an hour and a half Addy and her girlfriend went also to the Family Wasmoeth. It appeared the two gentleman were talking about Tervueren Shepherd and the breeder Roel Wasmoeth had told that his bitch Avosh du Fanfaron was pregnant. So in about 9 weeks they had puppies. That evening we had decided to buy a puppy . We had 3e choice female and had to wait wether there were 3 females in the litter. Then on the 25th of march the litter was born. There were 3 females, 2 grey en 1 red. Roel Wasmoeth told us that it would probably be a grey one because we had only third choice. At first we were not that happy with grey. But after a few weeks the other two families would have the grey puppies. We were very happy that we got the red one and we named her Dusjka. This puppy "Dusjka Du Fanfaron" is our ancestress of the Belgian Shepherd Kennel"Du Fin Matois" Dusjka was a great dog with a very stable character. A very friendly dog. It was great working with her. Two years later we went to the same breeder and bought our second puppy, this time it was a grey puppy called "Gilou du Fanfaron".

The name"Du Fin Matois" means something like"Of the Clever Fox" and as you know our name is "de Vos"(Fox).

That's also why we have a Fox in our logo !!!!!!!

Hobby' en Interests

Spending our holiday in the French Alpes near Alp d'Huez

And of course our biggest hobby:

Tervueren Shepherd

But you can reed all about it on this site.

Enjoy it !!

You must do that when the audience is running at the field, Stupid Belgian Sheperd !