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27 January 2009

  • This is the worst news i will ever put on the site!! Addy has died this morning round 7:00 am. The site will be a very low priority for a while.

    23 - 30 August 2008

    • The plans for the French Specialty Show were to relax with a bunch of people in a house in France… But unfortunatly due to some really nasty circumstances it couldn’t go as planned. Jerry and me have stayed there with Hope for a week. Very nice weather, a really nice region of France and we made a lot of trips to some site seeing locations. We entered Hope in the show but it became clear in the preceding weeks that she was not going to keep her coat! After a lot of consideration we decided not to show her. We did went and looked at the whole ordeal… because it is a bit of a circus every year again. Together with Randi and Lars Asper who came over all the way from Norway to experience the French specialty show. It was a very pleasant weekend, we went and saw the Puy de Dome and had a very good time.

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    03 & 04 July and 19 July 2008

    • During our Holiday in Scandinavia we have participated with Hope in 3 dog-shows. Two in Sweden and one in Finland. The two in sweden were the Swedisch specialty Show for Belgian Sheppards at 3th of July and the World Dog Show at the 4th of July in Stockholm. The 19th we were at the Finnish Specialty Show in Kangasala.At the first show we were already very glad with here result, 2nd Excellent in Open Class (15 Dogs entered) Hope wasn't full in Coat. But then we had the World Dog Show coming!! What happened there was simply overwhelming and never suspected. Hope got 1st Excellent and got the CAC/CACIB/BOB and World Winner 2008!!!! (89 Dogs entered) What a happening!! So we went to Finland with some (maybe too high) expectations. And what would you know!?! Her showing went very well over there as well! 1st Excellent Champions Class and 4th overall bitches with the Finnish CAC !!! (79 Dogs entered)

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    06 January 2008

    • Today we went on a walking tour with friends of the Belgian-Sheperd Forum. One of the Forum members bought a new house. And she thought it might be nice to organize a walking tour with the dogs. At half past ten we arrived at her house (Anouscka, Jerry and I together with Hope and Imani) Some of the other Forum members were allready there. After a greeting, a little bit of playing and some growling and a cup of coffee offcourse we went for a walk. From the moment the dogs had their freedom we did not see Hope and Imani anymore...they started racing together with the whole gang on their tailes. They had a lot of fun. After an hour of walking through a beautifull landscape we went back to the house. We had a warm sup of soupe and some sandwiches and we relaxed a little. We went home and we never heard the dogs again they were very tired.

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    24 - 26 October 2007

    • Jewell now is 9 weeks old and today the new owner will come and meet her and get acquainted with her. And after 2 days they will leave for Norway. Randi and Jewell are friends right from the beginning! Wednesday we went to the vet to get the last requirements for travelling to Norway done and Jewell behaved perfectly (again). Thursday was a trip to the market first a little trip by car and then a stroll across the market. Jewell didn't mind anything everyone and everything is fun! But after such an afternoon she was very tired! Friday was the big day, the trip to the airport was a little longer due to a lot of traffic and traffic jams. Hope went along to say goodbye to her daughter. We had many admirers at the airport, who can resist such a nice wolly puppy? And even Hope with no fur at all was cute and fun. After an emotional goodbye at the airport Randi called dus to tell us that all went well and Jewell is being accepted by all the other dogs and starts playing with the others.

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    08 October 2007

    • Jewell is two weeks older now, highlights in those weeks were in no particular order: Explore the garden, walking on the trail behind our house, being chipt by the Dutch Kennelclub, and taking here 6 weeks shot at the vet. As we already knew Hope is no longer a mommy but her best playmate. Playing together in the box squabbling at eachother, racing after eachother in the garden, Hope has a ball in her mouth and Jewell wants to play with THAT ball. It is very tiring. And who could know that the favorite toy of Jewell is an empty french waterbottle. Jewell starts to develop a very strong character, she stands up to her mom and if Hope teases to long.....she will let Hope know !! And Hope looks at us like : Hey ! what's she doing?? Jewell's favorite sleeping place her Pig basket had to be washed and oh oh my dear did she miss it ! But when it was dry she did cuddle up in it like it was never gone before.

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    23 September 2007

    • This sunday Jewell is 4 and a half weeks old and starts to become a real cute little puppy. One's trouser's legs (read anckles) and shoelaces become very interesting objects. The playpig has become her personal demolition project, it's tail already came off and now she's starting with the ears and feet. Jewell has a large plastic bottle and a little playrope she really loves to play with .. rope between her jaws and rolling the bottle with her paws, all at the same time. Hope is a peculiar mother it seems that she thinks the mothering is over now, now it's time to be playmates. She's playing a lot with Jewell, even when Jewell is sleeping, she still keeps her very clean and feeds her good only once a day. Feeding Jewell was a bit of a problem at first, it seemed she didn't found out yet how to chew, but thats been figured out now and eating is great now. Yesterday she was playing in our backgarden with Hope and Gaisha, falling over due to little bumps in the grass and running with Mommy thats chasing a ball.

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    10 September 2007

    • Jewell now is 2 1/2 weeks old and it is going great. She is growing very well and it seems Hope is realizing what the it means to have a puppy, and that is so much fun to watch. Hope is nurching her and taking good care. Jewell is being protected, cleaned and is being raised. Hope and Jewell can be together now. Jewell is starting to walk now and its getting better every day. She is looking at us and hearing all kinds of sounds and is recordnizing them. And Hope............she is a great mom.

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    22 August 2007

    • In the afternoon of august 22nd it was clear that Hope was going to deliver her pups, she was 62 days pregnant and all signs were there. During the evening she became more restless and around 20.30 her water broke. It was green but it did not stink, nevertheless we went to the vet. They checked Hope’s vulva and yes there was apparently a rather large pup in her birth canal. She didn’t have real contraptions yet. The vet told us to go home and if it went not well we could always call. At 21.35 the first pup was born a female of 434 gr. feet first, that was not easy for Hope. The last pup, also female, was born at 00.30 and she weighed 452 gr. In between there were also two females and two males born. All beautiful of weight, all afterbirths, an almost perfect delivery. After the injection to contract the uterus was given it became nicely quietly in the box. Mother Hope lay exhausted and the pups were drinking or sleeping. At 03.00 Jerry went to bed. Completely exhausted we were and wow a litter of 6 pups, 4 females and 2 males.

    • Around 03.45 Jerry woke up because of a lot of barking and squeaking and he went at once to look what was happening. Well a lot!!! Jerry found Hope in panic and a number of puppy’s with bloody heads, what appeared later were the bite marks of Hope. What has exactly happened we will probably never know but Hope was very confused and was snapping around. At 04.30 we were at the veterinary clinic. One female had been so mutilated that she was not to be saved and 2 other females had stitches applied and some pain medication and antibiotics we all just hoped that it would heal. At 08.00 In the morning it became obvious that we were not able to save these two. We therefore now only had 2 males and 1 female. Hope was very agitated by all the squeaking of the pups so we decided only to have her attend to the pups under supervision. Later that morning it became clear that the two males also suffered some blows and had brain damage, according to the vet they were not going to live long and we had to put them to sleep...... and there we were, it started very nice with 6 pups and we finished so sad with only 1 female. Hope really cuddled the first born female during birth… and she growled at her during the 2 days and now she treats Jewell as a gift from Heaven.

    12 August 2007

    • Today we went to the Young Dog and VeteranDay in Ranst in Belgium. Imani and I am Falco were both entered in the Youth Class. It was the first time for Falco he never had any training and a very difficult start of his life. Both of them were out of coat. So we never had any expectations what so ever. Falco was doing very well, he was showing very good. He did get an Excellent and we were very proud for that. Imani also showed very well, the only thing is her movement that is not so good. Imani was placed 2 with an Excellent. and later on the judge told me she could have been first. If only I was paying more attention. Imani was standing in a ditch constantly and i did not see that. But we all did have a wonderfull day.

    20 July 2007

    • Today Hope is 4 weeks pregnant so it is time to do an ultra sound scan, we allready knew she was pregnant due to her behaviour, but the scan was included. Hope is a very easy dog at the veteranarian she walk in wagging her tail and licking the Vet. She had to shave a little patch of hair and starts counting ...1...2...3...4...5. She saw 5 puppy's but that can change. So we have to wait for 5 more weeks then we know for sure.

    21-22 June 2007

    • Finally the time has come.... Hope will be mated with sr.Stavropol de la Clairiere aux Louves. On wednesday we measured her Progesteron level and it was 17.4 so we went to France. After a nice and quiet journey we arrived thursday evening at Mr. and Mrs Griol's house. We were greeted with a nice cup of coffee while Stavropol and Hope were checking eachother out. But after 15 minutes Hope decided she liked the guy. Stavropol jumped her and it was done. After a while being coupled the mating had officially taken place! But Hope really liked the Guy. If she would have her go that evening they would have mated 2 or 3 times more. After a very nice meal we went to the hotel and had a good night sleep before the next mating the next day. On Friday we went and visited Lyon after wich we drove to the home of Mr. Griol. When the gate opened Stavropol was ready for her! After about 5 metres into the garden it was already done! Mr. and Mrs. Griol were not at home yet but they didn't care! And now its waiting time 9 weeks and we know for sure.....

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    12-13 May 2007

    • It was the weekend of the NVBH Clubmatch in Deurne, Imani, Indy and Hope were entered. Imani and Indy in the youth class and Hope-Cheyenne in the champion class. It was a succesfull week-end we just had a problem with the weather. Friday afternoon we decided that the show would be kept outside and everything had been also built outside. Saturdaymorning started very sunny but the rain came sooner as expected. Thus it was decided to do the judging indoors. Except for the Laekense and Malinese shepherds who were judged outside. Imani and Indy both were judged by the French Judge Mr. Thevenon, and later also Hope. Indy was presented by the owners and they did it very well, only the showing of the movements was a bit cumbersome, Indy jumped a lot.. but Indy is no show dog she will do Agillity. Imani was showing very well but she lost her fur completely, her movements were reasonable. And both of them got an Excellent. A little later it was Hope to enter into the champion class where I have asked Mr.Peters, who is the breeder of Hope, to show her and it was a big hit. Hope was placed 1st in the champion class. Hope had already succeeded for the behaviour test and could therefore return on Sunday for the selection testing. And she was selected and can use therefore now the title pE before her name. All in all therefore a very successful weekend.
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  • 04 May 2007

    • Friday 4 May....We entered Hope at the EuropaSieger in Dortmund (Ger.) She is entered in the Champion class. It is difficult to say what the results will be, she is losing her fur considerably. So we let the coat as it is and right before we enter the ring we brush very softly. It appears that she is the only female in her class, that is to bad. The judge Anny Deprez palpates her, examines teeth and has some observations about her fur. Hope is showing very well, like always, only her movements are more cumbersome, it is a very small ring and Hope needs space to run. Hope gets 1st excellent and may return for the CAC. That is won by a bitch from the intermediate class. Very beautiful bitch and she moved better. Therefore Hope gets her res. CAC/CACIB. Nevertheless we had a very nice day.

    09 March 2007

    • 23 Feb. 2007 The time seems right, Hope could become in heat, Gaisha was and Hope will follow. Her vulva was growing and she was cleaning herself extremely. Through circumstances, we were in Singapore for 10 days, we could not look out for it ourselves. But we did tell the people were she was staying excactly what they should do. We had regular contact with them and nooo she still was not in heat. When we came back last Tuesday March 6 we checked her and she still was not in heat. But last Thursday March 8 we saw her vulva was shrinking again. This morning I went to the Veterinary-Clinic, they looked inside her uterus and did a progesteron test. According to the vet the uterus had enough foldings so she probeply was in heat but the test gave only 0.35 and that is way to low. Hope has had again a silent period, wich means no bloodloss, and that is very difficult to pinpoint the date for mating. We unfortunatly missed this time so we will wait untill next time.

    28 Oct. 2006

    • Last saturday the 28th October there was a happening of the N.V.B.H. in Heteren. Jerry spend his complete day manning the secretariat and I was ringmanager at the ring for the Tervueren bitches. Of our I-nest Imani, Indy and Itosca Dushi had been entered. They competed with 11 other females in the class 6-9 months. Also the male Isegrim was entered, he had to compete against 18 other males in the ring. It was a very busy but nice day. The females all did good, they were a bit overwhelmed and uncertain by it all. All the three females had very nice judging reports, very promising for the future and Isegrim also had a beautiful report. They all had a delicious character and this was confirmed by the judge during the litter-discussion. Indy was very nicely shown and handled and she became 3rd in her class.

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    01 Oct. 2006

    • This Sunday Hope is entered to take part in the charactertest of the N.V.B.H. This is the last hurdle to take so we can start breeding with her. Hope has a stable and free character so it shouldn't be any problem passing the test, but you never know you know. We arive in Almere around 11 AM. Hope's turn is at 11:58 and then it starts, she gets a different collar with a flexible cord so she can go anywhere she likes and react normally without any restrictions. First test, greetings and playfulness, all well, then the market situation, no problemo. Also the enclosure no reaction whatsoever. Then we walk to the Flag, it falls directly in front of her she has a small reaction and doesn't walk over the flag. Next part a cart with a manlike puppet comes rolling towards her and she starts barking a little at it. She's supposed to ignore it! Afterwards she has no fear for it, and walks just by it. After that the suddenly loud sound test. Alls well. then to the solitude test, she's tied to a pole and I have to leave her and a judge goes to see her and pet her. No problemo. Defence is the last part of it, when the tester approaches her she takes a step back but than start to bark at him. When he comes to shake my hand she still growls a little. A little later that day we get the Gunshot test and she has absolutely no problem with any kind of shot. HOPE HAS PASSED HER TEST !!!!! With the following grades : Social - Sufficient, Defence - Sufficient, Shot - Good. Overal Social +

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    26-27 August 2006

    • This weekend it's the French Specialty in Commentry. Always an special happening. We entered Hope in the Open Class, she has to compete with 73 other bitches. She will be judged by Mrs. Berton-Sarlat a french judge that hasn't judged her before. Saturday starts very bad with a LOT of rain, but gradually it gets drier and even a bit warmer. Hope hasn't gotten a good fur yet but she's showing well like allways. The movement run goes well but the terrain is very bumpy. She's looked at from all angles and gets an Excellent. Because of the Excellent she may enter the recommendation Ring the next day (she did her character test last year). She shows well again but unfortunately she doesn't get the sr, next year better.

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    13 August 2006

    • Today it's young dog and veterans day in Herentals (B). We entered Imani in the baby-class. She is a little over 4 months old now. The journey to the show went along as expected, at the end she had to vomit. She still doesn't like travelling by car, she has to vomit every time. When we arrive we see it's pretty crowded already. I go and see the vet with Imani to let here get used to a veterinary checkup. She doesn't mind going up the ramp but the touching the vet does she don't like. She is a bit shy. We join our friends that also entered some dogs. During the waiting we let Imani and Hera play and run, they are having a blast!! As soon as it's Imani's turn we go to the ring. She's showing rather well (even with her BIG ears!) and the judge can touch her without any problem!! The running goes well also and she gets a very nice judgement report.

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    08-09 July 2006

    • Last thursday the 6th of july we flew to Portugal with Hope. It was Hope's first time on a plane and she didn't really mind it. We entered Hope to two international shows in Lisbon one being a CAC/CACIB show and the other a CAC-QC/CACIB and also she was entered in the portugeese specialty show, We were welcomed at the airport by Mr. Rui Monteiro were we would stay the weekend together with Mrs Cristine Bouchat the breeder of his laekenois dogs. Thursday and friday were a bit of a messy thing, because there still needed to be done some things for the show. Saturday morning we arrived at the show-grounds and found ourselves a nice little place in the shade, this was very neccesary with these kind of temperatures (>30 Celcius!) The judge on Saturday was a Portugeese Judge Mr. Jose Cabral. It was early in the morning but already pretty hot. There were five Tervuerens entered. Hope was alone in the open class and got a 1st Excellent and went on to become best bitch, best of breed and became one of the last 8 in the group-judging.
    • In the afternoon there was the Specialty Show of the portugeese Club of Belgian Shepherds, Hope was judged by the dutch judge Mrs. Pauline Stern-Hanf. There were 7 tervuerens entered. We were sorry that here Hope also was the only female in the open Class. She got a 1st Excellent and became best bitch, best of Breed and finally Best in Show. She already passed her charactertest last year so she could enter the selction judging the next day.
    • Sunday morning and the next international show, the judge was Mr. Yves Dambrain of Belgium. There were two tervueren entered, but the second one did not show up for the judging so after getting her 1st Excellent she was best of breed once more. In the group judging the belgian races weren't even looked at buy the judge. And now because Hope has 4 CAC's of which at least 1 CAC-QC (she actually has 3 QC's) she is Portugeese Champion!!! and Lisbon Winner for getting the CACIB on both international shows this weekend. When they finally did the selction judging she also got her portugeese recommendation. Hope is a easy dog to show and only her movement wasn't optimal the whole weekend. We are very proud of her!! Especcially because her fur was not in tiptop shape. And in the end we all had a very nice and entertaining weekend.

    15 June 2006

    • The pups are now two weeks with the new owners and its going very good.. Do to health reasons I could not be at home at the time the pups were leaving. That is too bad. Mario and Nouschka took that job and they did great. Imani is having a very good time with Mario en Nouschka. She has the company of Fixie and Hayley, 2 kids, 2 cats, birds and rats. So she has playmates enough. At home Gaisha was looking for her pups for a few day's but after that sdhe felt she had to play with Hope and now those two are real friends.

    08 May 2006

    • Today the pups are 5 weeks old, and because of the nice weather they are playing outside and that is allways great to see!! The first steps they make outside is a little strange to them. But soon they find out that it is a lot of fun. There are other kind of toys, like a tin can with marbles in it, for the sound, also an old washing-up bowl, the pups go sit in that. And also as we call it "Mount Dog" it is a sunshade-standard and there always is a pup who makes it its own by hanging or laying on it. And the jumping and running offcourse because they have more space for that. Last Friday they endured their first big thunderstorm, and it was a big one. We kept Gaisha away from the pups (she is not a big fan of it). But the pups react only at the first bangs. They are very easy to please and so much fun to watch en keep them of your toes.

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    24 April 2006

    • Today the puppy's are 3 weeks old, and they are adorable!! Gaisha is almost a perfect mother who spends a lot of time with the puppy's. She really is taking good care of them. They all eat very well, but since a few day's I am giving them puppymilk in a bowl and that allways is fun. They love the milk....but how do we get it. When they fall in with the snout or stepping in the bowl that really is great to watch. They also are starting to discover each other and so they play with one and other and the toys and with Gaisha offcourse. Hope is crazy about the pups, she is watching them from behind the door and is bringing her own balls to the door. But..we are taking out that door.... so the puppy's are getting more space.

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    03 April 2006

    • This early morning Gaisha decided to have the puppy's without us being there. There was no real indication that it could happen this day. Her temperature was dropped but not that extreem . I didn't notice any contractions she might have had. So we believed she would wait another day......but that was clearly not the case. The first 3 pups she did all on her own without us being arround. Now there are 5 puppy's born 2 male and 3 female and they all are in perfect health and a beautifull dark fauve colour. And Gaisha is a perfect loving and caring mother and she is acting just like it.

    29 March 2006

    • Yesterday I went to the Veterinarian Clinic with Gaisha for a check-up. Everything was okay, her weight is 25.5 kg, she eats well and she drinks enough. Her heart and lungs sounded fine to. They also did an ultra-sound of her belly that seems to be standard with a check-up. But Gaisha is not the kind of dog that is going to lay down on her back very easily. So we needed some assistance. We did see some hearts beating and some skeletons. According to the vet the pups were to big to see them perfectly. They were over and under eachother. So now we have to wait for one week and we will know more...

    22 March 2006

    • Tomorrow Gaisha is 7 weeks pregnant, she is not that heavy but it is showing. The last few weeks we noticed a bunch of little changes in her behaviour. She never was a big fan of cuddling but the last couple of weeks she wants to be cuddled all day long. she also likes to be stroked to her tummy. The hair at the side is standing out a little. She also decided to dig a hole underneed the bushes in the garden, just to lay there and snooze a little. Last weekend we put the litter-box into the house so Gaisha can get used to it. To this point she has not yet been in the box on her own, but she will.

    We will just wait another 2 weeks.

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    28 Jan. - 4 Feb 2006

    • The first couple of days we have to recover a little from the trip. Finland is a splendid country, this week it is not very cold and the snow landscapes are magnifique. Monday is the 9th day of her season, but Gaisha has absolutely no plans to stay still for Kensis and snaps and growls at him. This is also the case on Tuesday. On Wednesday the 11th day they become a lot more playfull and more tolerant towards Kensis but he still can't do anything really, and at that moment Jerry realises that it will be OK. And on Thursday the 12th day Gaisha and Kensis finaly mated and she was very pleased afterwards, just like a young dog again.. Because we had very little time we did a second mating on Thursday evening which also went very well. Friday morning at 5 o'clock they left for Hanko, at 10 o'clock the boat to Rostock set sail and fortunately they were at home on Saturday at half past 2. And Gaisha....a great girl behaved herself fantasticly in the car and on the boat and even arround Kensis. Now we have to wait for the puppy's

    27 January 2006

    • To keep some slack and because of it being Gaisha's first mating Jerry and Mario leave with time to spare. On Friday evening at 10 o'clock they leave by car to Finland, by means of Rostock in Germany by boat to Hanko in Finland. This boat trip lasts +/- 20 hours. We gave Gaisha some relaxationpills because she does not like to drive, and she will be in a bench on the boat and has therefore but a restricted movement space. They regularly visit her, and take her for a walk on deck but Gaisha did not like doing her needs there. At half past 6 on Sundaymorning they arrive in Hanko and it is still a 4 hours drive to Ruutana where the Fam. Gröhn lives.

    22 Januari 2006

    • Sunday morning goes like always, ordinary quietly...... until.....blooddrops?? Gaisha is in heat!!. and Gaisha is therefore to be mated by Kensis van de Weiwakers, a superb beautifulmale which stays in Finland at kennel Cäsarborgs of the Fam. Gröhn. The plans can be made.

    27/28 August 2005

    • On Wednesday we arrived at the camping site in France. Myrna and Bjorn are allready there. It is so quiet and peaceful and Hope loves it, running and playing with the ball. On Thursday we get company from Theo and Annemiek Peters and Jan and Ria van den Dunnen. They have the brother of Hope with them Peer-Xeyenne van de Weiwakers, and Theo and Annemiek have Bitch with them. None of them is entered at the French Specialty. On Saturday morning very early we drive to the show, when we arrive they allready started the judging. Hope is entered in the intermediate class together with 43 other bitches. After a long and hot period of waiting, it is Hope's turn. She is showing very well and her movements are also good. Judge Mr. Descamps is having a hard time to make the right choice. Finally Hope is placed 12th with an Excellent. Later on that day she gets an Excellent for the charactertest and the gunshot-test. The next day she is allowed to enter in the SR-judging. But she is too young with her 18 months. So we will be back next year.

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    20/21 August 2005

    • This weekend is the International Dogshow in Lisbon(Portugal) and also the Portuguese Specialty for the Belgian Shepherd. We entered Hope at both shows. On Saturday morning there is a character-test, and she passes and later on also the gunshot-test. On a separate place in the park the Int. dogshow is held. Hope is showing very well, her movements are good and the Portuguese Judge Mr. L. Pinto Teixeira has no problem touching Hope. Hope becomes first in her class and also best Tervueren. So she may return later that day for the Ring of Honor. In the afternoon she was judged at the Portuguese Specialty for Belgian Shepherds. The judge is the Swedish Mr. A. Lyrholm. Hope wins her class again, becomes best Tervueren and later she has to compete with all the other BOB's for Best in Show at the honorstage of the Int. show. During the Ring of Honor at the International Show all Belgian Shepherds are ignored. Later that day the best of each variety at the Specialty are to be placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th for Best in Show for the Specialty and Yes! Hope wins. She's Best in Show!!!!!
    • At sunday morning there was sheepherding, 8 sheep in a fenced part of the field. The sheep were to much comfortable with dogs, so they were not very impressed by them. They hardly moved and just some of the dogs could get them to move a little. Hope was more interested in jummy sheepshit (yuk!!).
    • In the afternoon there was a test with a jute dummy. One of the men has a dummy on a rope and is teasing the dog with it. At first Hope did not like it that much, but later on she tries to get it with her paw's. If the man continues teasing her she bites it and holds on, and she really likes the game!! After a wonderful dinner and a good night sleep we start packing the next day for our long trip to the French Specialty in Commentry France.

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    15 August 2005

    • Today is the beginning of our vacation, we are going to stay for 1 week in Portugal and after that 1 week in France. Early in the morning we start our long ride to Portugal. At the end of the day we are near Bordeaux (Fr.). We stayed in a little cheap hotel and Hope doesn't mind at all. The next morning we leave early to finish the last part of our trip to Lisbon. Hope is sleeping in the back of the car most of the time and has no idea of what is going on. Tuesday evening we are driving along a long and boring road from Madrid to the portuguese border and it is getting very late. There are only a few hotels, but they look very shaggy to say the least. So we decide to drive on. Around midnight we arrive at Rui and Paula's house. The following days we did some site-seeing in the area of Lisbon. It is a beautiful big city, and Portugal is a very nice country but the wind and the heat are not my cup of tea. Hope has found her playmate very soon. Denyah a laekenois bitch of 10 month's old owned by Rui! Thursday Rui gets another guest in his house, Christine Bouchat, breeder of his Laekenois dogs. She is from kennel d'Eroudour in Belgium. At friday Rui, Christine and I went to the place were the dog-show will be held, it is a beautiful park in front of the Casino in Estoril. That evening Breeder/Judge Anders Lyrholm had a very interesting lecture about the "Belgian Shepherd" We learned a lot.

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    12 June 2005

    • Today there is a clubmatch at Kc. de Kempen . It is an outdoorshow and it is held in Geldrop. We entered Hope just for fun. The weather is reasonable. When it is our turn we turned out to be the only Belgian Sheperd. Hope is all alone in the ring. But she is showing great as usual and goes very well. She enjoys the judge touching her. She becomes first in her class with an excellent qualification and also (of course) B.O.B. Afterwards we went to the fair in Veldhoven with Dennis and Esther and a friend of theirs and of course Huey. All and all we had a nice day.

    29 May 2005

    • This Sunday is de Belgian Special for Belgian Sheperds in Overijse a small village near Brussel. We entered Hop - Xeyenne into the Youthclass. It is a hot and sunny day but Hope is enyoing herself very much. In the afternoon the youthclass females starts. There are 7 other females entered. Hope is showing herself beautifull as allways and Hope does not have a problem with the judge touching her and look at her teeth. Showing the movements individually went very well. When she is judging the movements of all dogs Hope has to take point (is she already first?). During the running other dogs are placed behind Hope. After the running the judge looks at them one more time, and puts them behind the placement tiles.

    And Hope-Xeyenne becomes Nr. 1 in the Youthclass with an Excellent.

    So now Hope can participate in the Ring of Honour. All the Tervueren females who were placed nr.1 in their classes are there. After one round of running the judges are decided that it will be either Hope or the nr. 1 female of the Championclass that will be best Tervueren Female. And the female from the Championclass was chosen best Tervueren Female.

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    21-22 May 2005

    • This is the week-end of the Dutch Special for Belgian Sheperds in Deurne. On Saturday 21st of May both Hope ands Huey are entered for the show. Hope is entered in the youth class female's and Huey in the openclass males for the first time. There are 32 males entered in the openclass. Huey did get a Very Good and a nice judging report. It is obvious that Huey is not ready for this, between dogs that allready have proven themselves. We will wait... Hope is not quite fully in fur, but she is showing fantastic and her movement is also great. The qualification she get is an Excellent and also her judging report is good. On Sunday the 22nd there is al lot to do at the show, there is a show for puppy's up to 9 months, an agillity competition, sheep herding and a character test. Huey is entered for the character test. After a little nerves wracking morning he has to start at 10.15 h. He is walking the course as if he is walking his dailey walk, lifting his paw against every tree. and there are a lot of trees. He does all of the parts of the test very well. He past the social test and did very well on the defense test. At 1 o'clock he only has to pass the gunshot, and he does! He passes the charactertest Cum Laude just like his mom. In the afternoon Hope can prove she's a real shepherd. She starts cautious, but when she saw how it was done by the real sheepherding dog she joined in. She ran and 'herded' in a playfull mood. And again we had a fantastic week-end.

    23 April 2005

    • On this beautifull saturday in April there is a reunion of the last two litters at kennel 'van de Weiwakers' of Theo Peters, Xeyenne van de Hoge Laer and Twinkle van de Hoge Laer are the mothers and York van de Hoge Laer is the Father of both the litters. When we arrive in Dodewaard at 2 o'clock the garden was allready full with playing dogs and talking owners. The complete litter of Xeyenne and York are there, so all of Hope's brothers and sisters are at the reunion. From the other combination there are 5 dog's. And of course both the mothers are there. And the great thing: York is present as well. It is hilarious fun, all those dogs playing and running. After the owners had some coffee and eaten some cake, it is time to take some pictures. In a meadow behind the house the litter is placed together and Theo is doing a little check-up. All the dogs still know Theo so they don't mind at all. Afterwards on the terrace in the warm sunshine, the owners talk and eat and drink with each other. Hope has a wonderfull day, playing and running with everybody and everything, once in a while she is coming to us for a hug or a pet, and then she is gone again. We want to thank Theo and Annemiek and everyone who has helped to make this a wonderfull day.

    See the Pictures

    27 March 2005

    • Today at Easter Sunday at the V.V.H. a test is being held to determine wether Hope can go to the next class. At 10 o'clock we start with the classes. We have to pretend that it is a normal lesson. Two instructors are watching and judging. And it seems Hope knows it, she never listens that well. Walking on the leash without pulling is reasonable. What a smoked sausage can do. After that she has to lay down for 2 min., and she did. exept when a dog came running by. But when i told her she got back and layed down again. The standing and touching went very well, the instructor looked surprised. He knows my other dog. Just a few little exercises left like sitting and getting her attention, wich will work for Hope by making strange noises. So yes, Hope has past her test and can go to the Elementary Obedience

    26 March 2005

    • Do to cirumstances it is better for Gomez du Fin Matois to be placed in another home. After a few phone-calles and e-mails, Adri and Jellie would take care of Gomez. After a visit to Gomez's home they decided to take him with them to Poortugaal (Z. H.) It instantly worked with Gomez and his new owners. Let us hope that it will be for a long time, Adri and Jellie thanks for taking care of Gomez and Peter and Noor thanks for taking such good care of Gomez during all the time at your place.

    29 Januari 2005

    • This weekend is the Dog-Show of K.C. de Kempen in Eindhoven. Hope is now 11 month's old and she has entered the youthclass for the first time. She loves the veteranian's check-up at the entrance, walking on the platform, the touching and the looking by the vet, that is fun. There are 8 female's entered in the youghtclass and one is absent. Hope is the last one to show in this group. She is showing great, walking great and the judge is watching her closely. Hope is selected among the final four. And yes! she becomes nr. 1. with the qualification Excellent. She has to return to the ring later on. Together with the female that won the Open class she has to show again. The female from the Open Class wins the C.A.C. Then the female who was second in the Open Class joins us for the Reserve C.A.C. After another run of showing and walking, Hope gets the Reserve C.A.C.!!!!

    28 November 2004

    • This weekend was the Winner-Show in the RAI in Amsterdam. We left early in the morning to be there on time. Hope really enjoyed the check-up by the vet; she also likes to greet and to leap upon people. Having found benches near the ring were Hope will be judged, Hope goes in the bench and we are ready for coffee. Hope is entered in the Puppy class. After all the males have been judged it is our turn. Together with two other females Dhr. R. Vuorinen from Finland judges us. After the touching what Hope likes very much the showing and moving she is called Best Tervueren Pup. She's now eligible for the ring of Honour. In the pre-selection she is pre-judged. After that in the main ring of Honour together with all the best pups of all breeds judged that day, she was showing very well but was not chosen for the final round. After a very long day we went home, tired but satisfied.
    Best Pup Winner Amsterdam

    20 November 2004

    • Today we have 'the Happening' of the N.V.B.H. in Heteren. Jerry and I handled the entries. There were 186 dogs entered, divided over the four varieties, and that is a very nice number of dogs. Hope-Xeyenne is entered at the Puppy-Class 6 to 9 months together with 24 other females and among them are her 3 sisters. Hope is being judged by Mr. Ebels and she is doing great, she is showing very well, she let's the judge touch her and her movement is fantastic. She becomes 1st in her class. After that she has to compete against the number 1 female of the class 3 to 6 months and again she become's 1st. Then she has to go up against the best male from the Puppy Class 3 to 9 months and again she wins. Hope is now the Best Tervueren Pup at the Happening 2004. In the ring of Honour the Groenendael wins the class 3 to 6 months of the four varieties. Hope has now a beautiful trophy. And it was a fantastic day.

    31 October 2004

    • The Puppy-classes with Hope are completed. Every Sunday morning we went to the dog school with a lot of fun. As soon as I put my shoes on, Hope knows it is time to go, and she can't wait to jump in the car. And then when we arrive at the training-site she forgets all that we learned about 'not pulling at the leash', because Hope wants to know witch dog is already there. She has made a lot of new friends at the school. Alhtough it was a playfully class she did learn a lot. So now we go on to the Young-dog classes to prepare ourselves for the E.G and later on G.G.1 and 2.


    You are doing very well with Hope, but stay alert because you are the one who desides what happens. Good Luck!!

    13 August 2004

    • Today we are leaving for our holiday in the French Alps, to be exact in Bourg d'Oissans near Alpe d'Huez. We went together with Mario en Nouschka and kids and Hayley, Dennis and Esther with Huey and we had Dizzy and Hope with us. It is a magnificent area where you can make long walks with the dogs. The weather is good and the dogs are having the time of their lives. After 10 day's we are leaving to another campsite near the French Special Dog Show where we entered Hayley and Hope. But do to circumstances we did not show them. So we had a wonderful weekend and a great vacation.

    See the Pictures

    4 July 2004

    • This Saturday is the Outdoor Show in Uden and we have entered Hayley. Since a few weeks it is allowed to bring dogs to the show who are not entered. So it is a perfect opportunity to bring Hope along. So she can get used to the idea. Unfortunately Hayley lost all of her fur and we could not expect much from it. She was placed 4th with a Very Good and with a nice report. And Hope...she had the time of her life with all those dogs. Later that morning one of her littermates was there as well. Sammy and Hope are really two sisters they look very much alike. And so we had yet another great day.

    See the Pictures

    20 June 2004

    • Today there is a Club match at Kc de Kempen in Geldrop. Hayley and Huey both are entered in the youth class. It is Huey's turn to be judged by Mrs. Brooymans-Schallenberg first. Both the dogs are out of fur but they both have an excellent judging report, Huey does not like it when the judge want to see his teeth and is showing that by a little growl. He is showing very well and also his movements are good. He is getting 1 Very Good. Then it is Hayley's turn, she also is showing excellent but Hayley will not let herself be touched by the judge. Her movement is also very good. Hayley gets also a 1 Very Good, and because there are only two Tervueren Shepherds entered Huey and Hayley are competing against each other for the B.O.B. Hayley gets the title B.O.B. So we have had a wonderful day.

    06 June 2004

    • Sunday-Morning half past 8 we all know what that means... Doggy School. Today is the first time Hope is going to puppy training. When we arrive she meets some of the other pups from her class, a Newfoundlander and a Border Collie. The first lesson is always to get to know each other and to discover each other. The exercise we had to do: getting the attention from your dog and to let her sit. I can get a lot of attention from Hope when I call her name but that is not for long, but hey she is still young. The sitting was good as well, but she does a lot for a treat. We also had to learn how to play with the pup, Hope loves to play with the rope. You play backwards with the pup following you and Hope is crazy about that.

    See the Pictures

    01 June 2004

    • On With Monday we decided to go to the beach and Hope was going with us. Very dear friends of us have a caravan in Breskens. We left the house at 9 o'clock and 2 hours later we arrived. After a nice cup of coffee and a Dutch treacle waffle the whole gang set out for the beach. Peter and Anica wanted to go Kite Surfing and Jerry and Larissa want to fly a kite. Luckily there was enough wind. Carla and I watched out for the dogs. Kwinto, the Dachshund from Peter and Carla, was in his element, digging on the beach. Hope was not sure yet. The sea is a strange thing it comes and goes. And... your paws get wet. We all thought she would be very tired but when we got back to the caravan, the playing with Kwinto continued. After a wonderful day of sun, sea and sand we went back home. Now Hope was very tired she slept all the way back, stretched out on the back seat of the car.

    See the pictures

    23 May 2004

    • Today is the Belgian Special in Turnhout, Hayley and Huey are both entered in the Youht class. The weather is nice there is no rain, the sun is shining but the wind is very strong and cold. There are not that much entry but we have fun anyway. Huey is entered with 2 other males but one of them is not there. Huey is showing very well he is walking very well and he is placed second with the qualification Very Good. He has to calm down a little bit and his body has to mature. Hayley is together with 5 other females. She also is showing very well. Even the judge was able to touch her, which is very promising for us and for Hayley. She gets 3rd place with an Excellent. It was a great weekend.

    21 May 2004

    • Last week we made some tourist trips with our Portuguese friends. And off course Hope went with us. On Monday we made a little tour in the Kempen. In the morning we visited the market in Eersel, it is always fun to walk with a pup. Later on we walked through the little village. In the afternoon we went to Veldhoven there is also a marked. Afterwards we walked through the mall of which we heard later that there are no dogs allowed. On Ascension Day we made a trip to some places of interest. We started in Kinderdijk and got on a boat to see all the windmills. In the afternoon we went to see Madurodam (miniature Holland) but there were no dogs allowed. So Jerry stayed outside with Hope and now she is on film and photo in the Far East. Later on we went to Lisse to see the Keukenhof, all those beautiful tulips..... Unfortunately the blooming season was just over so the great fields of tulips were empty. But there were enough tulips to see and admire. It was a busy week for Hope but she had a wonderful time. At home playing with Bugatti and getting a lot of attention that is what every young dog wants....

    See the Pictures

    15-16 May 2004

    • This weekend we had the club match from the N.V.B.H. in Deurne. It was a fantastic weekend; the weather was good, just the right temperature and some sunshine. Hayley did not have a full fur and got a Very Good in the Youth class female. Huey did get an Excellent in the Youth class male. The friends we had over from Portugal brought their Laekenois and he got the 1ste place in the intermediate class. The qualification he got was Very Good because de dog was limping due to an accident. But all and all we had a wonderful weekend.

    24 April 2004

    • Finally today is the day.... we can take Hope home. At 8 O'clock we left home to go to Dodewaard. When we arrived the choice was clear, almost from the first moment I saw the pups the pink puppy was mine, and so the pink puppy was renamed into Hope. After a bit of administration we went home. Jerry sat in the back of the car with Hope on his lap. All the way home it went very well. Only after we left the highway she became a little ill, and threw up. Our first stop was with Mario and Nous. Hayley loved the little one immediately but Fixie did not seem to care at all. After a cup of coffee we went home. The meeting with Dizzy and Gaisha went very good. Gaisha really wants to play with Hope but Hope wants to wait a little bit more, until she is more comfortable at our house.

    See the pictures of Hope

    17 April 2004

    • Saturday morning at nine Gaisha had to do a G&G 1 exam. She did it quite well but I made some little mistakes. After a nerve wrecking waiting period she finally graduated! All tough she still did not want to bring the retrieving object back to me.. she will never learn.

    13 April 2004

    • On Easter Monday we went to the Easter-Show in Leeuwarden. After a long drive on Sunday and a overnight stay in a little hotel in the neighbourhood we went to the Show. Hayley was entered in the Youth class. After a long time of waiting we had to go in the ring. Hayley luckily is an easy show dog. Also her movement went very well. The only thing that was a little less was the touching. But apparently good enough for a 1 Excellent. Her report was very good and so we went home tired but satisfied.

    29 March 2004

    • Saturday 27 March we went to Dodewaard to see the pups again. They are 4 weeks old now and have grown quite a bit. The females are all very beautiful and have a nice dark colour. And yet there are slightly little differences, one of them has her ears high on the head, the other one is a bit lighter in colour, or a little bit broader scull. And now I understand the new puppy owners, 8 weeks is a long time to wait.

    13 March 2004

    • Friday 12 March we went to see Xeyenne's pups. They are now 2 weeks old. It is a fantastic litter. It will be quite a task to make a choice. They are five gorgeous bitches.

    01 March 2004

    • We are proud to announce: Our Hope is born. Saturday 28 February at kennel "van de Weiwakers" from Fam. Peters and Fam. van den Dunnen in Dodewaard. From the combination Xeyenne (Tyrsa) v.d. Hoge Laer X sr. York v.d. Hoge Laer. There are 3 males and 5 females puppies. And one female is going to live with us. Her name will be Hope and she will be (HOPE-fully) a good extension of our breeding material.
    sr. York van de Hoge Laer Xeyenne van de Hoge Laer

    23 February 2004

    • Sunday 22 February we went to the Flanders Dog Show in Gent (B.). Gaisha and Hayley both were entered. After a long period of waiting, the time has come to show them. Hayley had to go first in the Youth class, she showed very well and her movement was good also. She got first place! Then it was Gaisha's turn in the Open Class, she also showed very well and her movement was very good as always. The only problem she has is she doesn't likes to be touched if she's as tired as she was. But Gaisha got first place too! After that Hayley won from the male in the Youth class and became Best Youth Dog! Gaisha also won from the bitch from the other class and got the CAC/CACIB. So for both our dogs a nice Cup, a bottle of wine for the owners and our day had a happy ending.

    30 January 2004

    • The first Show of the year in Holland is Eindhoven. Gaisha, Hayley and Huey all three were entered. Gaisha was given a Very Good in the Open Class Bitches. Hayley got a Very Good 4 in the Youth Class Bitches and Huey did get a Very Good 3 in the Youth Class but that was with the males.

    7 December 2003

    • This weekend was the weekend of the Winner in Amsterdam. It is the most important show of Holland. Huey and Hayley both were inscribed, because they are just 9 months old they were allowed in the Youth class. Huey was showing fine but the walking was not good. He can do it better. So he got a Very Good. Also Hayley was showing very well but most of all, the judge could touch her which is a major break trough. The walking of Hayley is very cute to see but not good for the show. She walks just like a Hackney. Hayley also got a Very Good and that is just what we expected. They both got a very nice report. And they are young and have the future.

    15 November 2003

    • Today we went to the Belgian Special at the EuroDogShow in Kortrijk (B). Huey and Hayley were entered in the Puppy-Class. Mr. E. Desschans judged them both. Huey got a Very Promising and also Hayley got a Very Promising. And after that Hayley was chosen to be Best Tervueren Puppy.

    24 October 2003

    4-5 October 2003

    • This was the weekend of the Dutch Special and the Happening. Dizzy and Gaisha were not entered. But at the Happening the whole H-litter was entered for the individual judging and also for the Litter-judging. It was a very nice day. Mr. E. Desschans was judging Hayley and she got a very promising report. Mr. F. Aertgeerts judged Harvey, Huey and Heer-Jens and they also got a very nice judging report. The litter judging was being done by Mr. E. Desschans, the litter is very homogeneous accept for Harvey. He is a little bit rougher in bone and darker in colour. It was a pity the other bitch Hexa wasn't there with us. But as well father sr. pE. Dutch Ch. Ezrah v.d. Weiwakers and sr. pE. Dizzy were there. And that is always nice to see. All in All it was a fantastic day.

    23-24 August 2003

    • This weekend we went to the French Special in Le Chatre. Huey, Hayley and Gaisha went with us. Huey and Hayley were to young to join the Puppy class. Gaisha was signed in, in the Open class. But just the week before she lost her complete fur. She got an Very Good, probably because of her fur, the judging report is unreadable. She showed very well in spite off the high temperature.

    22 August 2003

    • Friday before the show we had drinks together, at the camping-site. Marja and Roeland Wasmoeth were at the French Special for the 20th time. And we were there for the 15th time. And of course we had to celebrate that with a bite and a drink.

    4 August 2003

    • Last week we went for 4 days to the coast in Zeeland. Friends of us own a holiday home at a camping site and they have a new dog, a Dachshund. It is a young male four months old, Kwinto. After a first, a little rough meet and great with Gaisha, they found each other. The weather was great and Dizzy and Gaisha had a wonder full time at the beach. On the first of August the next holidaymaker came along. Frizzle is staying for two weeks with us, so Gaisha has another playmate.

    20 July 2003

    • Wednesday 16 July Harvey had to stay for a few days with us. Gaisha was very pleased with it and they played 'till they dropped. They both were running around in the garden all night long. Thursday evening Huey came to play with his "Big Brother". Afterwards they look awful, all wet and dirty. But Harvey is a very easy guest, he sleeps like a baby (so did we), he eats like a horse and he also listen very well. The only thing he did not know is to stay away from Gaisha her food, and he learned that the hard way!

    06 July 2003

    • Today we all, Dizzy and Gaisha, Fixie and Hayley, Huey and Loena, went to the fair in Eersel. That was really something. In general they all liked it very much, although at some spots the music was really loud. We had a lot of interest, the two youngest, Hayley and Huey did get the most attention. And they enjoyed it very much.

    18 June 2003

    • Today I have finished a new site: My Piggy-site and it is on Internet too. I must say that I am very pleased with the results. It isn't finished completely, some more pictures of my collection must be added. But that will happen in the near future. Today we got back the results of Gaisha's HD-test. It is like the vet told us a HD-A. Now all Gaisha need to do is pass her character-test and she can also be used for breeding.

    02 June 2003

    • Today, on her second Birthday, Gaisha's hips has been X-rayed. But it wasn't that easy. Gaisha is not the type who lays down quiet on her back. She has to be held down with three people. The Vet had to make an extra photo because she wouldn't lay still. We hope to get the results very soon.

    23 May 2003

    • At the age of 13 we had to let go of sr. Anchelle du Fin Matois. She had a spreading cancer in the intestines. Anchelle was our first self breeded dog.

    Anchelle, you were a fine companion. We will miss You.

    3 May 2003

    • It is now two weeks ago the pups left the house. And I'm starting to get used to live without the pups. But luckily we have regular contact with three of them. Last Tuesday Huey has got his shots and a check-up at the vet, and everything was fine. That same day Harvey also has his shots and everything was okay for him too. The pups are doing well with their new owners, but as everybody knows, there are good and bad eating Tervueren and Huey is a bad eater. He only eats what he thinks is good. Harvey and Hayley are good eaters and they all like it at their new home. So everything will be fine.

    19 April 2003

    • Last Thursday de pups has been chipped. Two out of five didn't utter a sound but the other three screamed as if they were hanged. That same day we've called the new owners and told them that they could come and take there new puppy home. Saturday all the pups have gone to there new owners. During the day it became very quiet round about the house. But three out of five pups we will be seeing regular. Hayley-Davidson is staying with Mario and Anouschka. but she is still our dog. She has to be trained to become a Show-dog. Huey is living with my brother and his girlfriend and he is going to do puppy-training at the same club as were I am training and so is Harvey. So we will see them regular. Dizzy is missing the pups a little bit. In the morning she is whining and nagging. But that will pass, she is playing a lot with Gaisha now. The "normal" life is back

    • 16 April 2003
    • Sunday morning we took the pups 2 by 2 walking by the leash. In the beginning they didn't like it at all but after a while they all walked well on the leash. Sunday afternoon we took the whole lot to the forest for a walk, this was a big new experience! First the drive by car of 15 minutes and than the new big wide world. Running in the forest is probably the best thing a dog can experience. Monday we went to the school at the time all the children went home. All these screaming and yelling children are a treat to look at for the pups. Today the pups are 7 weeks old and tomorrow (Thursday) they will get their ID-Chip. So if all goes well they will go to their new owners this Saturday.

    And than the big adventure begins...

    09 April 2003

    • The pups are 6 weeks old today, and it's getting busier and funnier. Yesterday we've been told that the last male isn't going to Portugal and this means we still have one very nice male to place. This afternoon the pups will get their first shots at the vet. Last Saturday a little incident happened between Gaisha and Huey (White male). A pup was playing around in the Dog bed, Gaisha joined it and laid down in it as well, playing with the pup. When Gaisha stood up to leave the bed Huey came into the Dog bed and spooked Gaisha into an heavy correction action against Huey. Huey was very impressed and shocked for a while, but they are great friends again!

    02 April 2003

    • The Pups are 5 weeks old today, and they are some piece of work. The three males know exactly how to handle each-other 'If you bite my tail, I'll nibble your ears ' And that all day long. The two females also can play like that. It's really a joy to watch. Feeding time is Party time, all of them eat very well. The bowl is empty in no time, and Dizzy gets puzzled, there is nothing left for her. Gaisha loves to play with the pups, and one in particular. The white male is the one who dares her and she loves it.

    26 March 2003

    • Today the pups are 4 weeks old, and they are getting cuter and cuter everyday. They found each other and start playing with each other. There is a lot more peace and quiet now, but every once in a while they start howling, and most of the time it's the red and white male or as I call them ' the PSV-ers '. A few days ago they have had a bit more playground, and boy do they like it. Now it is fun to sit among the pups. I could spend the whole day sitting and playing with them, but there's more to be done then just playing with the pups. Gaisha loves to play with the pups too. She stands among them, and plays a little bit but when they approach her, she doesn't like it that much. Oh, and Dizzy ?, everything is OK by her.

    12 March 2003

    • Today the puppies are two weeks old and almost all of them have there eyes and ears open. The white male had them open on Sunday while the others followed a day later. They become real doggies now. They grow very good, all of them weigh over 1000 grams. Two of the males know very well what they want... if Dizzy is not fast enough to feed them, they start howling. The Red Male sits in front of mum and starts howling like a little wolf. Its cute too see but not too hear.

    26 February 2003

    • On Wednesday morning day 61, at 11.30 Dizzy got her first labour-pains. At 11.50 the first puppy was born. It was a male, after one hour the second male was born and after half an hour after that the first female got out. And then there was nothing, Dizzy had no more labour-pains and she felt all right. But we knew there had to be something more. After nearly two hours we called in the vet. Dizzy got an injection of oxycicline to get her back into labour again. But that did not happen. So the vet suggested a C-section. And just at that time, when her belly was being shaved she pushed one puppy out, it was another male. After yet another half doses of oxycicline and a lot of help from the vet the last one, another female, was born at 18.15 in the early evening.

    17 February 2003

    • Dizzy is over 7 weeks pregnant, and it's getting harder and harder. Every morning she has to scratch the litter-box, to make a nice place for the pups. And also eating is her favourite thing to do, because what if she misses something? Cuddling and getting attention is still necessary, just the way she does that is nice to see and a bit lesser nice to hear. Dizzy sings and she doesn't do that very clear, but it is working!

    Dizzy 6 weeks Pregnant.

    8 January 2003

    • Much too soon and too young we had to put to sleep

    sr. Djouti du Fin Matois due to a malignant cancer in her stomach.

    We will miss her very much, she was a fantastic mother, a great friend and a nice and sweet cuddle Dog.

    Mario and Anouschka., Ayla and Dion thank you for everything.

    • On Friday 27 December and Saturday 28 December pE. sr. Izzy Fee des Magnifique Berger and pE. sr. Dutch Champion Ezrah van de Weiwakers have mated.

    So we expect the puppies at the end of February 2003

    Dizzy and Ezrah

    • On Sunday 15 December 2002 Gaisha did her exam for EG - Club diploma of the Obedience school in Valkenswaard. This day she didn't feel like doing well, but she past anyway. Her exercises weren't that good, but just good enough. Now we are going to the next level G&G 1.

    • In the week-end of 9 and 10 November 2002 we went to the EuroDogShow in Paris. It was a big show spread over 3 days. Judge Mr. Thevenon (F) judged the Tervueren Shepherd. Dizzy didn't show that well but got an Excellent in the Open class. Gaisha showed much better and was placed 3th Excellent in the Youth class.

    • In the week-end of 24 and 25 of August 2002 we had a very successful French Special. Dizzy gain an Excellent in the Open class. Dizzy has next to her Dutch Selection now also S.R. (Sujet Recomandee) in France! Gaisha also was very successful, she became 4th Excellent in the Youth class and won a beautiful cup (her first).

    Gaisha 4 Exc.